Advisory Board of Directors

An elected body, the Zimmerli’s Advisory Board of Directors provides counsel and support for the museum’s mission to serve both the campus and community audiences. The board is composed of no more than 30 alumni and dedicated citizens, including four ex-officio members from the Rutgers University community. 


James Bergin, Chair
Allan Maitlin, Founding Chair
Michael McCulley, Vice-Chair
Frankie Busch, Secretary


Garrett Blitz
Paul Blue
Nancy Ruyle Dodge
Dianne Finkelstein
Jean Goh
Joyce Glasgold
Claude Gruen
Randy Jones
Marc Malberg
Lisa Moro
Hemanshu Pandya
Lisa Pretecrum
Mark Rodrick
Adrian Schreiber
Diane Weinberg
Joseph Whall 


Todd Caissie, PhD Candidate, Department of Art History
Richard Edwards, Chancellor Emeritus
Thomas Sokolowski, Director 

Emeritus Members

Carleton Holstrom
Norman Shaw